A Little About Us on Small Business Saturday

Because its our annual Small Business Saturday Sale, heres a little about us:
Our only employees/owners is myself and my wife. We sell and operate out of our home and have about 800 square feet of tanks under A/C that are kept at 78 degrees. We started out 4 years ago with one 75 gallon coral tank and one 4 foot fish system, and now we have over 100 fish holding tanks and 14 different coral tanks. The main thing that sets us apart from other sellers (other then that we can monitor all systems 24 hours a day because we choose to have them in our home), is that we QT EVERYTHING for 1+ months before offering them for sale. A huge pet peeve of mine is how most wholesellers try to move their fish the day they receive them, and on top of that alot of stores offer discounts to buy the fish the first day they get them in. Not us, we turn customers away unless we had the fish and corals for atleast a month in our systems. We absolutly love working with all these amazing creatures and we never look at what we do as work, the day we consider this work is the day we close down. This is fun and enjoyable, and a true Small Family Business that we hope to be doing year after year.



FREE Local Pickup

$25 Florida Shipping

$50 Shipping for the rest of the continental U.S.

You may add as many items to your order for only a single shipping charge specified above.

Shipping charges include: Insulated Box, Heat/Cold packs, and Oxygen.


We are not just a Coral and Fish shop, We have a love for reef keeping and we do our best to give our loyal customers excellent products with excellent prices. We know first hand that this hobby isn't cheap and we strive to make your buying experience fun and affordable.
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We hope everyone has a wonderful 2016
Frankie & Melissa