Details about the sale as well as the $1500 worth of door buster giveaways:

Sale starts at 9pm eastern Saturday 11/28 and will end Sunday at Noon.

500+ Items (Hundreds of Zoas/Palys, Designer Clowns, Anemones, Inverts, and All Types of Corals).

At exactly 9pm the sale folder will open and you can browse and buy.

Keep in mind that having an item in your cart does not mean it's yours, you must check out with that item in order to secure it. So if you see something you love then I would suggest to quickly checkout and then go back for more. You only need to pay for shipping on your first order ($20 FL Shipping and $40 out of state shipping), and just select local pickup on your additional orders.


Like all door busters these will also be first come first serve, and you get to choose what you get.

What you get depends on how much you spend. There is a number in the top left of each picture on all 3 collages and that number is simply the item number that you give us so there is no confusion on which ones you want. The number on the right side of each picture will determine what you're eligible for. All door busters will either have a 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 on the right side of the picture. if you spend $100 not including shipping then you can pick anything with a 1. Spend $200 then you can pick a 2, or two 1's. $300 then you can pick a 3, or three 1's, or two 2's and a 1. and so on and so on.

There are: Twenty 1's, Six 2's, Three 3's, Four 4's, and Three 5's (Jawbreaker, Bounce, and Scoly)

First Come First Serve: Whoever orders first will get first pick of their free door busters. I will start calling everyone at Noon eastern time Sunday 11/29 (So please make sure you provide your correct phone number when you order and please make sure you have your phone near you from 12pm-1pm). If you do not answer then I will leave a voice mail, and you will need to call me asap. I will be calling the next person in line. But when you call back I will let you know what's still available. During the call we will also go over a day that you would like to receive your shipment. Now I am going in order of who places an order first, but your door busters will depend on what you spend for the entire sale. So I would recommend to place your order as quickly as possible to ensure you will get some awesome freebies and then you can go back and take your time browsing the sale.


You might say (well being they are giving away so much, they probably raised their prices on everything).

That will not be the case at all. We will have over 500 items and our prices will be lower then they have ever been.

Some examples of a couple items in the sale:

Pairs of Snowflake Clownfish for $40, Long Tentacle Anemones $14 each, Neon Gobies $8 each, Springeri Dottybacks for $15, Blonde Naso's for $50, RedFin Magnificent Foxfaces for $70, Red Leg Hermits for $.65 ea., Nassarius Snails for $.60 ea., Mexican Turbos for $1.20 ea., Hawaiian Zebra Hermits for $.80 ea., Acanthophyllias as low as $68, Hammers starting at $8 a head, Torches under $10 per head, Gold Hammers for $12 per head, and so on and so on.



FREE Local Pickup

$20 Florida Shipping

$40 Shipping for the rest of the continental U.S.

You may add as many items to your order for only a single shipping charge specified above.

Shipping charges include: Insulated Box, Heat/Cold packs, and Oxygen.


We are not just a Coral and Fish shop, We have a love for reef keeping and we do our best to give our loyal customers excellent products with excellent prices. We know first hand that this hobby isn't cheap and we strive to make your buying experience fun and affordable.


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We hope everyone enjoys the rest of their 2015
Frankie & Melissa