Black Friday Clown Sale on Website and Coral Sale on Ebay

If you want Corals and Clowns and want them shipped together so you only have to pay 1 shipping fee then you can order the Clowns now and pay for shipping and we will remove the shipping fee from your invoice in the Ebay sale and ship everything together.


FREE Local Pickup

$25 Florida Shipping

$50 Shipping for the rest of the continental U.S.

You may add as many items to your order for only a single shipping charge specified above.

Shipping charges include: Insulated Box, Heat/Cold packs, and Oxygen.

We are not just a Coral and Fish shop, We have a love for reef keeping and we do our best to give our loyal customers excellent products with excellent prices. We know first hand that this hobby isn't cheap and we strive to make your buying experience fun and affordable.
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We hope everyone has a wonderful 2021
Frankie & Melissa