About Us

Welcome to Exotic Reefs

    We are not just a Coral and Fish shop, We have a love for reef keeping and we do our best to give our loyal customers excellent products with excellent prices. We know first hand that this hobby isn't cheap and we strive to make your buying experience fun and affordable.

    We are located in New Smyrna Beach Florida and we have been into reef keeping for over 15 years. For most of that time we have paid retail prices on everything we bought, and as you know that can get very expensive. We are doing what we are doing so you do not have to pay those high retail prices anymore.

    We started shipping across the U.S. in 2010 and that is the main reason we started this website. We use 3mm bags, brand new boxes and Styrofoam, 100% medical grade oxygen, and heat/cold packs if needed. The last 6 months was like an experimental time with the shipping. We shipped over a hundred items and never had one incident. So now we are comfortable with opening up our shop to a wider selection of aquarists and we made this site to do so.

    We specialize in Designer Clownfish and Australian Corals, but we also handle Marine Fish, Inverts, Anemones, and Equipment. Most of the Equipment we sell (LED Lighting, Protein Skimmers, and Calcium Reactors) are items that we actually use here in our shop and are proven to us that they are quality equipment and worthy to sell to our customers. We use all Kessil 90 watt LED Fixtures on our reef tanks and kessil 30 watt fixtures on our fish displays. Those are the only lights we use therefor those are the only lights we sell. We currently use all Bubble Magus Protein Skimmers on our systems but we do have experience with the other protein skimmers that we sell as well. So all the protein skimmers are ones that I have personally used and they are ones that I would highly recommend to any of our customers. I only have 1 Calcium Reactor for sale and that is because its the only one we have ever used and being I am very happy with it I would recommend it to anyone that asks about them, and we are currently using that one as well in some of our coral systems.

So that being said, we do not just sell products. We sell products that we would use on our personal aquariums and products that we know first hand you will be very happy with. 


    We want to thank everyone for reading our about us section and we look forward to doing business with you soon